Oldest remaining Aston Martin at InterClassics & TopMobiel 2013

100 years of Aston Martin: one of two themes during the 20th anniversary edition of InterClassics & TopMobiel. With a theme like this, the oldest surviving Aston Martin is not to be missed. InterClassics & TopMobiel made sure this exceptional car is on display during the biggest classic car event in the Benelux.
The oldest Aston Martin: the A3. Few cars can claim the same legacy. That’s why it’s amazing to think that the A3 was only discovered just over six years ago and made its first public appearance earlier this year.Aston-Martin-A3 klein

From a distance, the A3 is a magnificent yet modest pre-war specimen. It’s hard to stroll past this car and not cast it a second glance. To understand the importance of the A3, you would have to delve deep into its history and learn all of its nuances. Admire the stunning detailing, caress the beautiful body and soon you will realise you’re in the presence of something truly special.

After several years out of the public eye, the car resurfaced when its former owner, Mr Turner, put it up for sale. In 2002 the car was sold to Mr Lunn, who planned to restore and resell it. In 2006, restoration of this A3 began under the watchful eye of Neil Murray, a pre-war car historian and one of the founders of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

What’s so astonishing about the first glimpse of the A3 is how small and perfectly proportioned it is. The body fits like a glove and, despite it being an early 1920s car, the A3 is low and incredibly powerful looking. Climb into the cosy cockpit and you’ll find yourself nestled in a cramped cabin with a surprising amount of leg room. Unfortunately, your passenger can’t claim the same. While the chair can be mounted further back, let’s just say that any couple lucky enough to take a spin in the A3 should consider themselves intimate friends. The steering is light and precise and the transmission is surprisingly lively. It’s an easy car to handle and much more accessible than one might initially think.
The A3 is now the crowning glory of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust fleet and it’s hard to imagine a more fitting home base than this. The exceptional A3 will, in any case, find a temporary home when it travels from England to celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of InterClassics & TopMobiel 2013.

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