PRESS RELEASE Another fantastic edition of InterClassics Maastricht with 33,257 visitors

MAASTRICHT, 13 January 2019 - The 26th edition of InterClassics Maastricht once again welcomed more than 30,000 visitors. Over the last four days, a total of 33,257 visitors attended the exhibition. After 26 years, InterClassics Maastricht is proud to be a member of a select group of the most prominent classic-car exhibitions in Europe. This edition featured the Italian brand Lancia. The highlights from the rich, more than 100-year history of the brand were presented in cooperation with the Lancia Club of the Netherlands and Belgium and various museums in a gorgeous show pavilion. This included the only original Lancia D23 Spyder Pininfarina remaining which was made available for the event by the Louwman Museum.

The offering at the exhibition was extremely diverse, both for buyers and enthusiasts. The British auction house Coys held its largest auction ever in the history of InterClassics Maastricht. One of the classic cars auctioned during InterClassics Maastricht once belonged to legendary pop star Phil Collins. The 300 exhibitors showed their most beautiful and most exclusive classic cars along with all the related products for these classics, from spare parts to memorabilia. The visitors were also given the opportunity to try their hand at sim racing on the Monte Carlo race track thanks to two high-quality full-motion race simulators. Five-time world champion simulator racer and Maastricht resident Bono Huis competed in a live sim race against Dutch professional car racer Xavier Maassen on the 1966 Monte Carlo race track. This was a first in the world of classic-car exhibitions. The contestants drove the 1975 McLaren M23 during the sim race. Bono Huis claimed victory in this race.

Erik Panis, InterClassics Manager: ‘We are pleased to have been able to welcome more than 30,000 visitors once again this year, making it the second year in a row that we have seen such a high number of attendees. This shows that there is still a lot of passion on the part of buyers and enthusiasts for the classic car world.’

The 27th edition of InterClassics Maastricht will be held at MECC Maastricht from Thursday, 16 through Sunday, 19 January 2020. For further information on InterClassics Maastricht, please visit