The event will have everything to give you the most exiting simracing experience and will give you a better look in the world of esports and simracing. There will be exiting races to watch. Professional sports commentators will boost the races with commentary and interviews and the best simracers in Europe will compete live on stage!

What to Expect & More

  • Every day top brand exhibitors & sims on stage to race Circuit Maastricht yourself
  • Thursday esports convention
  • Meet the pro at Friday
  • Fastest on track Saturday
  • Champions day @ Sunday


The esports convention provides answers to everything you ever wanted to know about the world of esports, and simracing in particular. We’ve got speakers from all over Europe telling you all there is to know about marketing, current numbers and developments in esports. Is it just a game or is it a sport? ‘It is the dream of every boy to become a professional race driver’. Or is it? 'It might be the dream to become world’s fastest gamer?’ How do you get and stay at the top?’

Experience the excitement of simracing by driving a professional race simulator yourself. A team of professionals will guide you. We will pay special attention to our charity 'make a wish'. Children and their family can enjoy esports and visit Interclassics.


Game on! Who’s the fastest simracer of Sim Formula Maastricht?  Everybody can try if he or she is the fastest and go home with the title and prize.

Come and see the best simracers in Europe race. Qualified through an online competition, the best racers will compete against each other. Find out who is the first winner of Sim Formula Europe and will go home with the highest prize ever won in the Benelux!